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Golden retriever adoptees

Cashew - Permanent Foster


Cashew - Permanent Foster


I am so sad but I'm trying really hard to think of the good things that have happened to me since I was lost and then found. I am a 7 year old boy and so many bad things happend when I had no family that now I need to be fixed in a many ways and it costs lots and lots of people money. I don't think there is such a thing as dog money- I know I've never had any. My doctor told me I have heartworms and that's a really bad thing but the good thing that happened when I heard this was that an AGA angel named Donna Ackerman flew right in and brought the $500 I needed to buy my medicine. Then I found out that I had other kinds of worms in my body. My ears were so infected that they hurt me My skin and something called a bladder were infected too and I had to have medicine for all of these things too.. Besides that I was so thin from not having enough food that my bones were sticking out. Now I hear I have to have my teeth fixed - maybe even have some taken out that aren't good any more. The biggest worry I have is that I have to have a doctor fix something called a "hernia" only it's really two of them. They did a test called an ultrasound and found that the hernias made some oher problems like letting some of my insides move around to places they shouldn't be. I'm going to a very special hospital for dogs like me that need special help and I'm going to have an operation. That's where you go to sleep and the doctor fixes you and then you wake up and you're better. It doesn't hurt except maybe when you wake up you might need some medicine if you don't feel good. When you have an operation all the dog angels that ever were come and wait next to you and send you messages that everything will be alright. And you can hear the messages even though you are asleep. Some even hold your paws and pet your head. But after I go home there is a lot of money that needs to be paid for this special care and I need the AGA angels, really bad, to come and help me pay for this. I need for a whole lot of them -- bunches and bunches 'cause the number of money I need is $6,700 but Donna gave me $500 so only $6200 to go. I am going to do my best to get well and be strong and think about how one day I'll have a new home and a new life. It will be the happiest ending of all. Please help me get there and donate to AGA for me, Cashew. Love and thank you many, many times. Cashew

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