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Golden retriever adoptees




Our Beaumont has been adopted! This special boy who we thought was just perfect when we brought him into the program (he had been owned by an elderly man who was too frail to take care of him) but Beau turned out to be in real bad physical shape. He was only 11 months old and needed two TPO hip surgeries and two elbow surgeries. He was born that way and if we didn't have the operations, he would be cripled. His surgeries cost $6,971. We only raised $2,350 including what his adoptive family gave. So even though we are really broke right now, the important thing is that both his surgeries were a success! He will be able to have a normal, healthy life. So who adopted him? Well, if you had fostered this loving boy through his surgeries and saw how brave and gentle he was when he was in pain, it would be hard to give him up. We had always hoped they would adopt him -- in fact that was the plan from day 1 but when his problems came to light and his future uncertain, we just didn't know if his family would adopt him. We think Beau knew that too because he was a perfect dog -- he got an A+ in behavior. Beau was able to wrap his new family right around his big paws -- particulary Mom. Beau starts rehab soon which will be easy for him since he has his very own pool and spa in the backyard. He doesn't know how to swim yet, but we think that will be the easy part. We know that by next summer Beau will be running and hiking and swimming. He even has a lake house he hasn't seen yet so can you say LUCKY DOG? Beau is home for Thanksgiving and we know by looking at his eyes, he is so thankful for all of you who have helped him and he now knows what love is all about. He can't wait to taste the turkey!

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