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Golden retriever adoptees

Snowflake Senior - Permanent Foster


Snowflake Senior - Permanent Foster

I came to AGA with a whole bunch of dogs from a breeding farm where we all lived. I was kind of a last minute traveler because my owner thought maybe they wouldn't want a senior dog with only one eye. But AGA has never NOT wanted a golden in need of a home and so I jumped up in the truck and here I am in Atlanta. My new doctor told us that it might be soon that I would have to go and get my wings and be an angel dog. So AGA and my new family agreed that I should go some place, in the meantime, where I could have everything a dog could ever want. So now I am with my new family and every day is the best day of my life. I have my own little car to ride in but I let Dad drive it and my new mom feeds me ice cream and I have four other goldens here for company. There are a lot of other animals here too - most of which I have never seen before! We get to roll in the grass and greet visitors and sleep with our people where we feel safe. I will miss everyone who has been so kind to me but I have a very important job ahead of me looking after all the new angels when they arrive. I think my time here must be just like it will be in heaven because this is heaven on earth! All my love and thanks - Snowflake

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