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ADOPTION NEWS: Kylie's foster family can't give her up. They have fallen madly in love with her. They are still nursing her back to health but they can't imagine not having Kylie in their lives. We will update her photo and her story shortly so stay tuned. We can't thank you enough for the money raised to pay for her vet bills. She thanks you too. UPDATE: KYLIE HAD HER SURGERY AND IT WENT WELL. HER SURGEON IS VERY OPTIMISTIC THAT SHE WILL HEAL COMPLETELY. SHE WILL NOT BE TREATED FOR HER HEARTWORMS UNTIL SHE RECUPERATES FROM THIS SURGERY. HERE SHE IS IN HER FOSTER HOME WITH FOSTER MOM'S HAND ON HER HEAD. SEE HOW GOOD HER INCISION LOOKS. BACKGROUND: Please help Kylie. She is a 6 year old female golden retriever (with AKC papers)who was hit by a car in front of her house. The car who hit her stopped and waited until Animal Control came. Her owner stood on the porch and never went out to her. Animal Control instructed the owner to follow them to the vet clinic but he didn't. They went back and he relinquished Kylie to them rather than be responsible for the vet bills or the fine for having an animal off leash and not up to date on shots. The vet at Animal Control could not treat Kylie and they called us. Kylie couldn't walk and one leg was tucked way under her belly. We rushed her to one of our vets and Xrays show she dislocated her hip but had no broken bones. That's the good news. The bad news is too much time passed to pop the hip back in -- it won't stay. She has to have hip surgery. We also discovered she has heartworms but must have the hip surgery before treating the heartworms. She is in too much pain. With all of that, she also has a urinary tract infection and a skin infection due to being so dirty. With all of that, Kylie is still so sweet. She is depressed and hangs her head all the time. She is resting comfortably at Georgia Veterninary Specialists where she will have her hip surgery. She was given a warm soothing bath today. We need to raise $3,500 for her surgery, heartworm treatment and her meds for the other infections. Please help Kylie by making a donation today. Make sure to tell us it is for Kylie. Thank you so much. It is time Kylie has a good life.

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