These lucky dogs have worked with our partners at U.S. Canine who are behavior specialists! We are looking for a strong, assertive "pack leader" willing to continue their behavior rehabilitation.

A GREAT companion for the right home!

US Canine was outstanding in their care of Mr. Darcy and their training of both him and his new owners....

When we saw Mr. Darcy's picture on the AGA website, we knew he was the Golden we were hoping to adopt. However, AGA was excellent to set the expectation upfront concerning his issues with resource guarding and snapping.

Josh and Angie of U.S. Canine are amazing. Mr. Darcy had completed the Immersion program a couple of weeks before we met him. We had an evaluation meeting to see if we all agreed this was a perfect match. Followed by two more training sessions before bringing Mr. Darcy to his new home.

After our two weeks with U.S. Canine, we immediately applied what we learned once we got Mr. Darcy home. The unique insight and dog obedience techniques that we learned were spot on. It did not take more than a couple of days for Mr. Darcy to adjust and learn the boundaries of his new home. One of the biggest take away was to stay firm but to always be patient and persistent.

We've had Mr. Darcy for a little over three months. We have gone on road trips, visited extended family, played in multiple dog parks and taken long walks. He has become an integral and trusted part of our family.

Thank you, AGA, for investing your time and resources to give Mr. Darcy the opportunity to achieve a successful transition to his new forever home.

Mark and Glynn
Golden retriever orphans




Can't miss me! I am the big beautiful Pyrenees/Golden mix, with a lot of Pyrenees traits! Those include smart, confident, fearless, and strong willed. You should read about Pyrenees and you will learn more about my personality.

Did I mention I am just over 2 yrs. old now with a good disposition?

Some people call me hardheaded, but I am also active and playful!

Good on a leash, I love to go walking.

Even better would be to share a 6ft wooden fenced in yard with another big, high energy dog! I socialize well with other dogs, but remember they need to like big, strong and pushy. You can tell them I make up for that in fun!

I have been working at U.S.Canine to handle affection better, that is just not important to me.

Also, U.S.Canine has been helping me with my resource guarding. Yes, I have been known to hoard food. So please no children in my forever home.

Hoping to find an experienced handler who can match me in intensity and tenacity so that I can be my best! I really want to be my best! Did I mention my breed is strong willed? Just saying that sometimes I am having so much fun, I miss the normal corrective measures and need rules to follow...and I am working on that too!

Having completed my Immersion program at U.S.Canine, I have free lifetime follow-up consultations (training) in their center. Their guidance to me and my future experienced handler is invaluable. So, I need my forever home to be close to North Metro Atlanta.