Harry & Shadow

I'm Harry and Shadow will get his turn to tell you about us in just a minute. First, we are NOT twins. Which makes no difference to us because we are best friends and that's the most important thing about us. We're each 10 years old (but have plenty of energy and like to run) and I'm kind of medium size and he's more-well-smallish. I'm a golden retriever and he's called a terrier dog. We've lived in a home where our owner could no longer care for us and we ended up in a shelter and that was going to be our last stop until AGA found us. Now it's my turn - Shadow here! We were so scared! No home, no friends (except each other) and something bad was going to happen to us. Something very bad! Now it seems like a dream. We're safe and together and AGA promised we'd not be separated which is good because we like to chase each other around the yard to get our exercise. We have been smiling a lot since we were saved and take every chance we can to hop into laps and give kisses! We think every home should have two happy dogs so why not come and meet us? Your new friends, Shadow and Harry

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