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Bunker TD15 - Adopted!


Bunker TD15 - Adopted!

I came here all the way from Turkey and believe me it was no bed of roses living there and begging for food. I don't know why they call it "Turkey" because I never saw any. That would have been a tasty treat compared to things people threw out. I'm careful about trusting people - just be patient and give me a little extra time. I have learned how to get along with other dogs (cats? - not so much) but my choice is not to meet a whole bunch of my fellow critters at once. One at a time is plenty. I have lots of energy because I am maybe only 2-3 years old and I love to run and play. I really do like people the best - even kids but I may be too energetic for the really little ones. I'm thinking maybe over 6? And don't tell anyone - especially the boy dogs that I'm a snuggler (shhhhhh-it's a secret). Now all I need is a new home with an understanding family, a fenced yard and a lifetime of love - and that love part goes two ways! Let's get together and see what happens!!!! Your good boy, Bunker

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