$7,000.00 Amount Needed
$5,140.00 Amount Received

Albie's Knee Surgeries

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Albie - Needs funding for surgery!


Albie - Needs funding for surgery!

I'm 6 (the doctor thinks) and kind of a work in progress. See, I came from a shelter but I am so lucky to have been saved and to be on the way to being healthy again. I need to gain about 10 pounds which means FOOD! Yippee - I can do that! I also have those horrible heartworms and needed to find an angel who would send me $500 to pay for the special medicine I have to take. And you know what, one of the man angels with AGA, Mark Signorelli, sent me the money! We guys stick together! Thanks to my buddy! My other trouble is with my knees. I have seen a special doctor for them and found out that I need an operation on each knee. That's going to cost around $7,000 so AGA made me a fund meter to show how many donations I need. That's really scary to think about what is ahead but the other orphans tell me that AGA does everything they possibly can to make dogs well again. I just have to be patient and rest from the heartworm treatment and the operations. I'll let you know how things go. They say I am a little nervous but that's what happens when you've been in a noisy shelter, because every one says I am a real sweetheart and a good boy and I like other dogs. Please ask about me if you might have a home for me and if you can help me for what's ahead. Love you sooooo much! Albie

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