Golden retriever orphans



I am 8 years old and I used to have a home, but they couldn't take care of me anymore. I got lost but lucky for me I had a chip and the people who found me called my owner and got my real name and permission for me to go to AGA and find a new home. I'm not too big (only 43 pounds) and I am a perfect lap size golden girl. Now I am being taken care of by a foster mom and dad and they will help me find my new family. It's so nice to be taken care of because it's pretty scary being on your own and lost. I was scared of my foster dog siblings at first, but now we are best friends and I love being a part of their pack. I love to go on long walks and run around the fenced in back yard. I'm even learning how to wrestle with my foster dog sister and sometimes I just bark when I forget how to play...but it's all in good fun! I love car rides, but because I got lost once, new places make me nervous, so I'd rather stay close to home. I have perfect house manners and I even surprised my foster mom when she told me to sit, lay down, and roll over and I did all three!! I'm hoping my new family will keep me active with another dog, and maybe an older human sibling, because I sure don't feel like I'm 8 years old! Please ask about me and come and meet me. Love you - Fendi


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