Golden retriever orphans



Since I have been in my foster home I have made a very good impression! I'm 7 and I left my other home because of too many dogs there. I don't mind staying by myself if the grown ups have to go out. I wait patiently and take care of everything and when they come home, I wag my tail and run to meet them. It's nice to have someone greet you I heard, and I am glad to see them too! I'm learning to walk on a leash, (sometimes I get nervous meeting a dog coming toward me) and get in a rush to run towards them. I need a person who can hold my leash and not let go! I don't think a little kid would be the best one to walk me! But speaking of kids, I like them when they know about being kind to animals, so maybe they should be older so they have had time to learn about dogs. And here's the best part, my fosters say I am the most totally sweet girl ever. I have good manners, love affection but I'm not a pest! I don't get on furniture without permission, don't chew on anything that belongs to people and am the best foot warmer dog ever! Yes, foster dad lets me sleep on the bed at night! Thank you for reading about me. AGA and my foster mom and dad say I deserve a kind and loving owner so could you be that person? Your good girl, Dakota

Dakota revised March 6 from Adopt a Golden Atlanta on Vimeo.

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