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Stella - Adoption Pending


Stella - Adoption Pending

You know what? I got lost and then some people took me to a shelter for dogs and cats without homes and then nobody came to get me and boy, was I scared!!! Lucky for me the nice people there called AGA and they sent someone to get me. I'm maybe one or maybe two years old but all of this is more than I can understand. Why was I lost, and why didn't someone give me the worm medicine I needed and why didn't someone come for me and take me back home???? My AGA friends said I need a special sponsor angel to send $500 for the medicine I need to be healthy again. Goodness - I hope someone can be sad for me and help because I don't know what else to do! I'm all better now and am looking for a new home and people to take care of me. I can't wait! I'm not very big - only 43 pounds - so I could fit on your lap or maybe next to you in your chair and you could put your arm around me and I could rest my head on your shoulder. Right now I'm still scared, but some other AGA dogs told me to take a deep breath and be calm. Could you love me and take me home? Kisses from Stella

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