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When I first came to AGA I promised I'd tell you lots more about me after my foster got to know me. I have earned so many gold stars I can't count them! So here goes! First, I am a very sociable 8 year old girl. I love it when we have company or when we have quiet time with just one or two people. I love to play games but know how to settle down when it's time to rest and as long as I have my stuffed toy or tennis ball or Kong I'm a happy dog! I'm not much of a barker (I think that's kind of rude) because I'm patient and wait for treats and for people to get my dinner and get done with their work before they can play with me. I think it's important to be polite and listen to what I am being told like when I'm taking walks on the leash. Sometimes I pull a little and have to do better at that but I'm working on it!! I'm very proud of all my gold stars and if you'd like to give me a new home I'll bring them with me and you can help me paste them on a poster that says "ROXY - BEST DOG EVER"!!! Kisses and hugs from me!

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