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Merigold - Adoption Pending


Merigold - Adoption Pending

UPDATE: Here I am, back again with all the latest on me and it's all good. I am healthy again thanks to my heartworm treatment being over and I have graduated from training school. I have worked really hard to do all the right things. I am looking for someone who can spend time with me going for walks and giving me time to exercise and practice my commands. Being with my people means a lot to me so maybe if you might be someone who likes to be calm and quiet and mostly stays home we'd be a good match. I have been waiting for my home for a while now - could you please want me? Love from Merigold
I guess I got lost because I ended up in a shelter for animals who can't find their homes or are unwanted by their families. Maybe I'm both. I'm only 2 or 3 years old and the dog people say I am a sweet girl. I came to be an AGA orphan which was lucky for me! They took me to a doctor who said I was a healthy girl except for one thing. I have heartworms which is something every dog fears. I wouldn't have them if someone had taken care of me and given me the medicine we should have every month to prevent them. Now I have to have some special shots and they cost $500. Boy, that is a lot for a dog to have! In fact, none of us have any money at all so I had to ask for help. Now I'm not afraid any more 'cause I just heard I have not one, but two, golden angels who said they would send the money I need. They are called Michelle (my name starts with the same letter - imagine that!) and Scott Kegler. If they are good at imagining they will feel me hug them! I think they will have no trouble doing that. Soon, I will have a new family that will love and take care of me because that's AGA's specialty. I'll be in a foster home waiting for the shots to work but you can ask about me anytime and I hope you do! Lots of hugs and doggie kisses - Merigold

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