Golden retriever orphans



Here I am back again with some more about me. As I said before I am not a fan of cats or little dogs or being in big crowds. On the plus side, I do like dogs as big as me or maybe even bigger! They are fun for play time! I have good house manners even though I have to take some pills to keep me from having accidents. They work really well so no worries there. My favorite exercise is when I get to chase squirrels and chipmunks. I guess it's a bad habit but it sure is fun! I love my people but am not sure about little kids. At 7ish years old I think older kids or just adults would suit me best. We could take walks and kind of just "hang out" together and play some ball games. I think that would be perfect. Thanks for checking on me - Lots of love, Bonita I thought I was adopted from a shelter but it didn't work out. I didn't care much for the cat or the small dog that lived in that home. Otherwise, everyone says I am sweet and friendly and that I was a good friend to another AGA dog I met. Maybe it's just the little critters that I am not fond of - some can be kind of pests! I'm around 7 and medium size and my new doctor said I was a healthy girl. All I need now is for the volunteers at AGA to get to know me so we can pass on what they learn, to you. I hope I'll get to meet people, very soon, who are looking for a new dog to take home. I think that could be me! Love and hugs, Bonita

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