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Jasmine - Adoption Pending


Jasmine - Adoption Pending

Goodness, I feel like a tennis ball! I have bounced from one place to the next but now hope, that with AGA, I can come to a stop with a new home and family. I have heard it said that without bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!! I had some puppies but was too young to be a mom dog (I'm only 3) and they all went to be angels. Now my doctor tells me I have heartworms and need to ask you for help. I need $500 to pay for the medicine to get rid of them and, honestly, I have no experience with dollars so I don't know if that is a little or a lot. With my bad luck I'm guessing it's a lot! Through everything I still can't help being sweet and loving to everyone including kids and grown ups and other dogs too. I've heard about cats but haven't met one yet. I have good house manners and people say I have an outgoing and charming personality. My doctor says I have to be patient and let them make me healthy and ready for adoption. So for now, I'm going to daydream about a new home and new family, lots of attention and loving, and all the good luck I know is coming my way! Kisses to everyone, Jasmine
NEWS FLASH EVERYONE!!!! Well, what do you know? My luck is changing! How exciting! I just got my very own e-mail with my very own sponsor named John Pendergast! John, you are definitely my new boyfriend! Thank you, thank you for loving me because I sure do love you! Extra hugs for you from Jasmine.

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