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Lucas Pup - Permanent Foster


Lucas Pup - Permanent Foster

UPDATE: I said I'd be back and here I am! Boy, AGA sure takes good care of their orphans because I have seen many doctors and had lots of tests! Finally, they found out that I was probably born with a kidney problem that needs special attention. It makes me drink a lot and use the bathroom a lot! Now I'm getting medicine and special food every day to help me to be healthier and I'm staying with a permanent foster and life is getting better. So far it has cost $3.000 to find out what was wrong and I expect, in the future, there will be more trips to the doctor to keep me healthy. If you could help with a donation (and it doesn't matter how little or how big) we would be so happy and thank you ahead of time for your kindness. AGA told me that every time donations pay for one dog it means another dog can be saved as well. Isn't that a good deal? Think of me please. I'm a happy boy for all the care and love given to me!
I am only 8 months old and have some growing to do because I only weigh about 49 pounds! I once belonged to a breeder but when I was a baby at just 8 weeks old I went to be a family pet. Just a short time ago I had to go to my dog doctor because I wasn't feeling very lively and my family didn't want me anymore. My breeder owner came and got me and AGA said I could come to them to find a new home. Now I am waiting for some tests to tell us why I wasn't my perky self anymore. As soon as I hear back then I'll let you know. Stay tuned - I'll be back! Lucas Pup

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