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Hope Pup Fund

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Hope Pup - Permanant Foster


Hope Pup - Permanant Foster

I'm just 8 weeks old and things have not started out very well for me. I was born at a breeder place but because I have some problems my owner took me to a doctor and said to make me an angel puppy. A nice person there saved me and took me to AGA. My back legs don't work so I have to drag myself around with my front ones. If someone doesn't hold on to me I fall over and my head is shaky. It's not fun being like this because I want to play! I am going to see a very special doctor in a few days. I don't know if they can fix me but AGA always tries every thing there is to try so for now all we can do is hope. I guess that's why they named me HOPE. I "hope" too that people who read about me might help pay for my doctor bills because it will cost about $5,000. That's a lot, I guess for a puppy dog but it will help me to know that people love me. I wish I could put my little arms around your neck and give you a hug to say thank you but maybe you could imagine me doing that? Puppy kisses from little Hope.

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