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Penny Pup Surgery
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Penny Pup - Adopted!


Penny Pup - Adopted!

I just came to AGA and I'm sad. I'm Poppy's sister and the doctor said that I have the same problem that she had so I have to wear a diaper too. It's not fun and I hope a special dog doctor can fix me. I'm waiting to go and see one pretty soon. I don't understand all of this but it's a bad thing to be born with and some puppies never get to grow up. I hope I can grow up and be a big girl but I just don't know yet. Poppy told me that many people helped by sending some money for her operation. Do you think you might help me too? I'm to little to help myself and I don't know how to get the things called dollars but if I ever meet you I DO know how to give kisses and I'll save some just for you!! Lots of love Penny

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