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Jordan Pup
Surgery Fund

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Jordan Pup - Needs funding for Surgery!


Jordan Pup - Needs funding for Surgery!

I'm a girl dog and still a kid because I am only 8 months old. I'm a little too skinny for my age but I was born with bottom and top chewing teeth that don't work together to crunch up my food. No wonder I'm too thin - I'm hungry!! I came from a breeder and the people who are looking for goldens want little babies. They say I am too big. Wonder what they will do when they find out the babies they choose will get big too? That will be a joke on them I think!!!! I think it was lucky people thought I was "too old" to adopt, because if someone had adopted me they might never have noticed my teeth. Now with AGA I am going to get the help I need and we are all hoping you can help my fund meter reach the top because I need about $2000 to get my teeth fixed. I am looking for a family that will help me after my dentist fixes my teeth. I want to learn things like games and how to play with people and other dogs and how to behave. You have to be very patient to teach those things so if you are a very patient family - come meet me. I will need a fence around the yard so I won't go on adventures and maybe an adult that is mostly at home. I need someone who will not leave me alone a lot. You could ask about me and AGA will help us meet. Thank you for wanting a bigger "baby"! Love you, Jordan P.S. Oh yeah, when I can chew again - I'm putting in my order for a couple of 'burgers!

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