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Duke Pup's Surgery
Hip Surgery

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Duke Pup - Adopted!


Duke Pup - Adopted!

Update: I'm halfway there! My special doctor fixed one of my hips and after I rest for a few weeks he will fix the other one. Everything went well and all I had to do was sleep while he did all the work! I'm sending my thanks to everyone who donated to help pay my bill but I still need more help to get finished with the next operation. I know everyone who reads this won't let me down because you all love goldens. With your help it won't be long until I can put on my dancin' paws and dog trot all the way to my new family!! What a day that will be! Lots of kisses to all - Duke

I'm a little guy with a big problem. Well, 2 big problems and I'm only 9 months old. I am getting bigger though because I'm nearly one year old. This can't wait and my doctor says we have to get my hips fixed very soon. See, I have hip dysplasia and that's a bad thing! My mom and dad drove me all the way to Atlanta from a place called Mississippi to give me to AGA because unfortunately, they didn't have enough money to pay for my surgery. They were sad to have to give me up but wanted what was best for me. Now AGA is helping and we need your help too. First I have one hip fixed and then wait a while and have the other one fixed. It's going to take a lot of patience and a lot of care until I am all done with the operations and a lot of money to pay the doctor and the hospital. I don't know anything about getting money because I never had a job and never had an allowance. Hardly any dogs do! So we are asking all the wonderful AGA fans if they can help me. AGA is setting up a Go Golden Dog Fund Me and you can look at my page and see how to make a donation. We need 12,000 of the dollar things to make me better. I'm a little scared, I have to say, because I miss my first mom and dad and everything is different here. I did hear that all the golden angel dogs from everywhere are going to stand by me and hold my paws and help my doctor's hands so that makes me feel braver! Please help me if you can donate. I want to grow up and run like the wind and chase squirrels and maybe even get to be a star swimmer! I love you all very much, Duke.

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