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Yoyo's Surgery
Elbow Surgery

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Yoyo TD - Elbow Surgery


Yoyo TD - Elbow Surgery

Update: When I came to America I had a pretty bad sore on my elbow. I went to see a nice doctor and they said I had a thing called Hygroma. It must be pretty bad because I have to have surgery on it and then I have to wear bandages that have to be changed at least once a week! After I get my bandages off, I have to wear a funny looking cover to protect my elbow so it heels properly. I guess this costs a lot of money and I didn't come with my wallet so I sure appreciate everyone's help so I can have this surgery!
I came all the way from Turkey to find my new home. I have been staying with a nice lady there who helped me get to people here who rescue goldens. She sent word that I am a 3 year old fellow who gets along with other dogs, all people and children. My doctor has checked me over and I am staying in a foster home so they can learn more about me. You can get in touch with AGA anytime to ask about me, so I'll be waiting! Your new friend, Yoyo

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