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Ruthie Doodle
Ruthie's Right Tibial Fracture

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Ruthie Doodle Pup - Adopted!


Ruthie Doodle Pup - Adopted!

Goodness! What puppy has so much happen to them before they are even one year old? I lived with a family and was enjoying life when (whoops) I jumped off a bed and landed on the floor, breaking my leg! Clumsy? I guess but I hadn't learned about jumping skills and I suppose that's what you get! No more acrobatics for me for a while. My family thought I'd get the best care with AGA and they were right. I had an operation and my leg is all fixed now. I did get a pink bandage out of all this so I guess that's one good thing. Now I'll need a new home and family. Come and meet me - I'll even let you sign my pink bandage! Kisses from Ruthie

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