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Buddy Lee's eye

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Golden retriever orphans

Buddy Lee


Buddy Lee

My very best dog friend went to be an angel dog a while back and it was so hard for me to get over. I'm 7 and since I was a pup I have been in the same family. Now I have to find a new home and I don't really know why. I have perfect house manners and will let you know when I need to go outside. I like to be close to my people but I do have a bad habit of chewing anything that is paper. And I do mean anything! You can take anything away from me and I don't mind but please don't take my paper! Best to just put all paper away so I'm not tempted! I even started growling if anyone tried, especially after my friend went to be a angel dog. Lately there has been a new puppy in my house and I don't much like that. I want my other friend, not a puppy, so I made more growly sounds to that puppy! Just in case, AGA is having a dog doctor check me out to make sure I'm not growling because something hurts me. They sent me to a very special doctor because one of my eyelids sort of "droops". They did all kinds of tests and it cost a lot of money. Everyone knows dogs don't have jobs and can't get paid for anything so I have to ask you to help us. I need many angels to donate something for my medical bills and if you can help with any amount, it would be much appreciated. The good news is that the doctor didn't find anything really bad and just wants me to take some pills and come back for checkups. I stayed with a foster for a little while and she had to go to work so I took care of her house and napped until she came back and I didn't chew any paper at all!!!! Now what do you suppose that could mean? I always try to be a good boy and will make you proud you helped me. I have found out that AGA will do anything to save a golden and that makes me feel happy and hopeful that I will find my new home with a family who loves me. Your friend, Buddy Lee

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