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Lucy's Surgery Expense

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Golden retriever orphans

Sammy & Lucy - Sponsored by Paul & Lucy O'Neill


Sammy & Lucy - Sponsored by Paul & Lucy O'Neill

This could be someone's lucky day because here we are looking for a new home together! I am a BIG golden boy who is 5 years old and 109 pounds! My best friend, Lucy is 8 years old and 69 pounds. We are very attached to one another and AGA promised we could stay together. Right now we have a couple of problems to solve. Sadly, we found out that we each have heartworms and need special (and expensive) medicine to get rid of them and a place to rest while we are getting the shots. It costs $750 for each of us. Well, some of our best friends ever - Paul, Lucy & Gabbie O'Neill have donated to pay for our HW treatment. We just want to cover them with kisses for helping out out! Anytime AGA gets a donation it lets them use their money for another dog who needs help. So if you could be our angels you become angels for other dogs! And speaking of money, poor Lucy had an operation when she first came to AGA because she had rocks stuck inside her! I don't know what makes her eat rocks but that's what happened! I have to try and convince her it's a very bad habit! To close on a happy note, we are known to love other dogs, cats and kids and no one is a stranger to us. We are looking forward to meeting our family and to living a new and healthy life. Here's two golden hugs from us! Sammy and Lucy

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