Thank you

Our friends at WSB-TV have produced a public service ad that promotes adoption of golden retrievers through Adopt a Golden Atlanta. It will air exclusively on WSB-TV. It is AGA’s first television commercial and we are so proud of it. Not only do we want to thank all the folks at WSB-TV, we want to thank Dr. Michale Davis and her beloved golden O’Toole. Dr. Davis is the Medical Director of VCA Buckhead Animal Hospital. She adopted O’Toole in November, 2011, when O’Toole came into our program at the age of 10 years. O’Toole was a retired breeder dog and was brought into the vet for his physical exam and vaccines. Dr. Davis was the vet who saw him that day. We call that fate. Stories like this is what AGA is all about. Because AGA is an all - volunteer organization, we could not have become the country’s second largest golden retriever rescue without supporters like WSB-TV and VCA Buckhead Animal Hospital.

With much gratitude we thank them. We hope you enjoy the spot.

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