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NEWS FLASH!!!!!  I had hardly finished asking for help with the cost of my heartworm treatment when Daron and Gara Long put on their angel wings and flew the $750 I needed right over to AGA!  Wow!  Things sure do happen fast around here!  Thank you so much to my new fabulous friends!

tried to be a breeder dog but it just wasn’t the life for me.  My owner thought I’d do much better as a family dog and I agreed and became an AGA dog!  I am just 3 years old and I love other dogs (as long as I can be the one in charge) and I love people.  I have good house manners because I have always lived inside a house.  There hasn’t been much change for me to practice walking with a leash but how hard can it be – lots of other dogs do it.  I like hugs and lots of attention and I know what affectionate means.  I am a fun kind of dog (some people say “goofy”) and I am a happy girl.  One thing I am definitely NOT happy about is the news that I have heartworms and need a special medicine that costs $750!!  I hope there is a special angel reading this who can help me pay for the medicine I need.  It’s every dog’s worst nightmare!  I would like to go to my new home healthy, happy and ready for my new life.  Please ask to meet me.  I’ll be waiting.  Lots of love from Ava

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