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Sometimes I wake up happy and smiley but a lot of the time I wake up crying and worried.  I started out with a family who didn’t want me any more after they found out I had a “hum” sound in my heart.  I went back to the place I was born and then to AGA.  The new doctors that checked me over for AGA said I needed surgery.  That’s when I really got scared!!!  I put my paws over my ears so I wouldn’t have to hear how dangerous my problem was.  It could make me die and be an angel doodle.  No-o-o-o-o-o-!  I haven’t even had a chance at living a long life!  I wanted to play and run and not get out of breath and jump up on someone’s lap and do all the fun things a dog deserves!  I really started to be hopeful when AGA said they’d have the doctor fix me and then I wouldn’t die.  What makes me cry now is that it costs so much money that they need help paying for it.  They need $5,000!  Dogs don’t know much about money but I know that must be a LOT!  Please help me not to cry and worry any more.  If you can donate to my fund please help us.  When I am all better again AGA will help me find a new home with people who will love me.  Just imagine me playing in the flowers and chasing butterflies with a big smile on my face thanks to you!  Love you all SO much, Baby

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Thanks for all of your support! As of today, we have raised $50 to help Baby Doodle – *Special Needs*.