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I am just a beginner dog.  That means I don’t know much because I haven’t been taught anything.  I tried living in houses but it didn’t work out because the people had to go to work all day.  I only learned about staying in a crate or staying outside.  I think I am much too smart to be satisfied with that kind of life!  I know I can learn lots of things and all I need is a teacher with patience.  Just watch me shine!!!  I have too much energy for really little kids and I find it a whole lot of fun to chase cats.  So far I haven’t caught one!  I love other dogs and am friendly towards new people that I meet.  How about it?  Would you like to take home an 11 month old girl (that would be me) and help me grow up to be a dog you can be proud of having?  I am so ready to begin my new life.  Love you lots, Bella

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