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My family left me at a shelter because they were moving and said I couldn’t come with them.  What bad news that was but the nice people at the shelter called AGA and before I could blink an eye, there was a driver waiting to take me in as a new orphan!  I am a 10 year old boy, part golden and part something not too big because I only weigh a little over 30 pounds!  People call me “that goofy fellow” but still “sweet” and “puppylike”.  My new dog doctor says, “Benjen, you need to take walks so you can stay strong”, so I guess I need someone to hold the leash.  I’d like an easy going kind of life because I am a calm dog and don’t need lots of activity.  Actually, if my new home came with a lap or two to curl up on that would be just perfect!  My foster is learning more about me and can tell you about how I am with other animals, kids, etc.  Thank you for reading about me – Benjen

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