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I am just 8 months old and my dad had to ask AGA for help finding me a new home.  You see, he has a job that makes him travel and what that would mean for me is long days in a kennel at a dog boarding place.  Dad said, “No – it’s not fair”!  My dog mom was a golden/labradoodle and my dog father was an English Creme – I guess I inherited my color from her side.  Anyway, I am house trained, and love other dogs (and even cats) if they are nice dogs that aren’t too rough.  I like all kinds of kids but I might be too lively for little ones as I like to jump.  I wouldn’t want to knock them down!  I am very good at the game “fetch”.  I do need someone to throw the ball so maybe you could do that?  Please come and meet me if you are looking for what people are calling the “perfect” dog.  Lots of love from me – Bo

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