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I am four years old and ready to give up my life as a breeder dog.  To tell you the truth, I like people much more than I do other dogs and I don’t hesitate to let them know.  If they come too close I give them a warning “g-r-r-r-r”.  Yes, I want all the love and attention just for me.  Selfish?  Maybe, but when you spend your life taking care of puppies there comes a time called “ME TIME”!  That’s where I am now.  I would, in fact, like to consider myself a person/dog.  I get along with all people and especially love children, but remember I do not share with other dogs.  I am very good at walking on a leash and very affectionate.  I am looking forward to a family I can love that loves me.  Thank you for reading about me.  Kisses from Bobbie

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