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ATTENTION EVERYONE! My angels have arrived and brought me $750 so I can pay for my heartworm treatment!  Jan and Ken Martin just flew in so fast it kind of made me dizzy!  How exciting to know that two people I don’t know love me so much!  I am saving some of my really special, BIG hugs for them!

And I am the new boy on the block!  As Ivory already said, lots of things about us are the same except I am the boy and she is the girl dog.  We are now retired from being breeder dogs and ready to be family dogs.  My favorite things are people big and small, walking on a leash, playing in water and tennis ball games.  I am an expert “hugger”, a total gentleman when it comes to taking treats (you do it very gently) and I can do the “sit” thing too!  Sadly, I too have heartworms and need a sponsor to send $750 to me so I can pay for the medicine I need to get rid of these things.  I wish I had a job so I could pay for it myself but no one seems to be hiring dogs these days, so I have to ask for an angel (and one for Ivory too) to help us out.  Thank you everyone for helping us and I know somewhere out there our new homes are waiting.  Hugs (my specialty) from Buck