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What a relief!  It took a long time getting here but I’m home!  Actually, I was home before I really knew it!  Mom and dad saw my picture and read about me on the AGA orphan page and said they just couldn’t NOT adopt me.  First, they took care of me while I was being treated for HW’s and when I was better, they made me their new year dog!  I have a sister dog and we have lots of places to play and we even have a pool for swimming.  I have always really loved water!  We also have 10 grandkids.  I am still learning all their names!  Mom and Dad stay home with my sister dog and me and we get so much love and attention.  Thanks to Jan and Ken Martin for donating the cost of my heartworm treatment.  It’s angels like them that make it possible for dogs like me to live healthy lives and find loving homes.  Thank you to them and to AGA for caring about me.  Love you lots, Buck