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It has just been announced that not one person but an entire family of golden lovers have donated enough money to pay for my heartworm medicine!  I was hoping for one angel but I got three!  Tara, Mike, and Logan Pakiz gave me this gift in loving memory of Wrigley Pakiz, who was also an AGA dog a few years ago.  I think he told his family I needed help and they said, “We’re here for Buddy!”  Isn’t that the best news ever?  I thank them all so very much and now I know my life is going to be fantastic!

Maybe I could be your “buddy” dog?  What do you think?  I am 7 years old and I need a new home where I can get lots of attention, go on walks and swim in the water.  I do need a life jacket and someone to swim with me because I have some trouble staying on top of the water.  I love water so much I even enjoy a bath!  I have a little trouble with my balance and sometimes my legs are shaky.  I would like a house with floors that are not slippery and no steps (unless someone is nearby to help me go up and down them).  My new doctor is looking at how best to help me and AGA is looking for some special golden people to send me the money to pay for my heartworm treatment.  Yes, I have heartworms and it makes me very sad that I need to have those shots because I know they must hurt.  They cost $750, so if someone or more than one person can help me I would be so grateful. I just want to be healthy again and find that special family that wants and needs this “buddy”.  With lots of love and all paws crossed – Buddy

P.S. – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remember to give your dog heartworm preventive medicine so they don’t have to get the shots.  They and you will be so glad you did!

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