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We are breathing sighs of relief!  Miss Murphy speaking here!  After much moving, we have found our mom and our new home. Mom knows all about dogs which is good because my brother, Charley can be a bit of a grump from time to time.  However, he’s already learned how to get comfy in mom’s bed and how to find his place next to her on the couch.  I think he’s just still a little scared at losing our first family.  For me, my main job is “food patrol”, checking out the counters, making sure the snacks are secure, etc.  Charley speaking here – I am not a grump!  I am just a little scared and unsure about all the new people and new things going on.  So there!  And from us both – thank you mom for wanting us and AGA for finding this fabulous home!  LOVE X2 from Miss Murphy and Charley

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