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I started out as that perfect puppy everyone wanted.  I was adopted into my own family and lived there for all of my 6 years.  In that time, things started to go downhill and one thing after another happened.  In the past 3 years, I have had a couple of seizures.  Then I couldn’t see out of one eye and they had to take it out so it wouldn’t hurt me.  One day I wasn’t nice to the baby that lived there and nipped her.  I never thought of doing that before – never!  Now I can’t live there any more.  I need a new family who understands all the problems I have had in the past.  One which can take me for walks, car rides and give me a place to run (I need to lose a few pounds).  I would love a place, too, where I could swim!!!  I have always been good with people and other dogs and hope for a fenced in yard where I’ll be safe.  I really need something good to happen in my life.  I am hoping for a new start with AGA’s help!  With love and licks, Cooper Jack