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Well, here I am starting a new adventure to a new life. I was staying with a dog sitter but when they weren’t watching, off I went! My new found freedom didn’t last long because soon I was picked up by the animal shelter people who called my owner (and called and called) but my owner never came. Just as well – probably not a good home for me anyway! The shelter people called AGA because I am part golden and asked if they had room for one more! AGA always says “yes” to dogs like me – especially if they are mostly golden. My new doctor says I am about 2 years old, sweet, happy, healthy and full of energy. I like other dogs but barked at the cats I saw at the shelter so I can’t really say how I would like living with one. When AGA learns more about me we will be sure to let you know. Meanwhile, why not ask to have a meeting and we could get acquainted. Your new friend Evie