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I am just a year and a half old and my owner was a breeder who thought I deserved a chance at a home and new family.  You see, I might have some hip problems and I wouldn’t want to be a dad to new puppies that might be born with the same problem.  But it’s not for sure and I don’t have any pain and my hips work just fine.  I am a medium size boy and folks say I am “incredibly handsome” (ahem).  That would be girls I guess!  I love all dogs, have some experience living indoors as well as outdoors (I prefer inside).  I am working on leash walking and, boy, do I ever love riding in cars!  I really like watching all the trees and people and dogs and other cars whizzing by!  I am a healthy fellow and ready for my new life with you.  Lots of love and good luck to me – Freeman

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