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I came from the life of a breeder dog to searching for the life of a family dog.  I am only one year old and I’ve done some living in a house.  I know about house manners, walking on a leash and sticking close to my people.  That’s called a “velcro” dog!  Doc said I was healthy and would like another dog as a friend and playmate.  I do love kids so if you’ve got some, bring them on too!  They tell me I am a handsome fellow, even though I have a little scratch mark under one eye.  That is the result of my trying to check out some new puppies and mama dog booting me out of the kennel.  Honestly, these mama dogs can be so grumpy and they do NOT like to share their pups with other dogs.  I was just looking for goodness sake!  Why not call AGA and see if you can meet me?  I’ll be waiting!  Lots of love, Gavin

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