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I am a bit over 5 years old and kind of medium size at 61 pounds.  I am kind of shy, I’ll have to admit and feel more sure of myself around other dogs.  Other dogs have been my friends and companions for as long as I can remember.  I am what they call a “red” golden which matches the Fall leaves!  My friend, Hannah, matches me and she and I have been best pals for a long time.  She helps me to feel not so shy.  I tried to walk on a leash since I came to AGA and I’m afraid I didn’t get good marks but I’ll keep working on it.  It’s hard!  We will all need fenced yards and no chances to run away which can happen if doors and gates are left open.  It may not always be that way.  If you give us time and patience you will see changes every day!  Thank you for helping us, Ginjoo

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