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My short life of 1 year has been kind of a “bummer” I’d say.  I was adopted by a family that tried to end it for me but the dog doctor said NO!  And it was all because I tried to hang on to a sock I was playing with when my owner tried to pull it out of my mouth.  There I was, minding my own business and someone comes along and grabs my “toy”.  So, yeah, I grabbed back and his finger got in the way of my tooth!  No one ever tried to teach me anything in my short life and what I got was a trip to the doctor to tell him to “put me down”.  That means to give me medicine to kill me.  Thank goodness the doctor thought I’d be better off with AGA and now I am getting some lessons from trainers on how to be the kind of boy everyone can be proud of.  Now I am being given chances, and understanding things I never knew before and I hope I can find the kind of home and family I need.  I don’t think I need little kids but maybe bigger ones who have learned how to understand dogs.  Since being with AGA I have shown that I like to climb into laps, enjoy treats, learn about leash walking and best of all, go swimming!  I really want some people to love me and I am ready to love them right back and try very hard to be the best boy ever!  Hugs from Gio

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