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I too, am five years old and am 64 pounds.  I match my friend Ginjoo in that I am also a “red” golden girl.  The four of us, me, Lady, Hannah, and Ginjoo are called “breeder” dogs, meaning our job has always been to have puppies.  Now, thanks to our kind owner, we are headed for a new life as family dogs.  It’s a whole new world to us and we are going to learn things we have never known before.  Leash walking (I tried it and it’s not easy), house manners, sleeping on beds inside the house, having our own toys and so much more will take time and patience from our new owners.  Everyone says we are all sweet and loving even though a bit nervous over all the changes, but with your help we can do it!  We all need fenced yards so we don’t accidentally get out and get lost and we would all love another dog in the family for a friend since our friends have mostly always been other dogs.  Please come and meet me.  Kisses from Hannah

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