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They say I am special but I say I am the luckiest dog ever! Back in China I got sick with something many dogs can’t survive. It’s called “Parvo”. But I was strong and knew I could get to America if only I could get better. And here I am! True, the Parvo left me with some shaking that I couldn’t stop and kept me from flying on the airplanes when my group headed to America. Finally the customs people let me through and it was all thanks to my rescue people! They kept helping me for months and never gave up! Then I saw my new doctor and got some medicine and the shaking nearly stopped! Wow, what a surprise! Mostly it was at night when I was asleep but I can run and play as well as any other 2-3 year old. I am a fun kind of dog and I love making new friends. Sometimes they call me a Velcro dog because I like to “stick” close to you! Now I need just one more lucky break to make everything complete. I need a special, kind and understanding family to adopt me. The perfect ending to a long, long wait. Hugs to everyone, Harry