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Hogan’s story was so sad — it’s just like our story ‘SPARKLES’. His owners moved and left him behind! Scared and all alone, Hogan had nowhere to go so he hung around the only place he knew. The neighbors started feeding him but they thought he would get hurt. Sometimes they saw him near the road and saw how petrified he was of those fast cars. The neighbors called animal control who came and got him. The officers at animal control fell for him and kept him far longer than they should have. They called us because he is such a great dog. We think Hogan is about 3 years old. Hogan wanted a home where he would never be abandoned ever again. Well, he got just that! Hogan was adopted by a wonderful family where he will be king dog and he has his very own boy and girl to raise. It was love at first sight and you know what happened with Hogan? He got the ‘sparkles’ back in his eyes again.