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I asked for one angel sponsor and I got  two!!!!  Now if that doesn’t make a dog feel special, I don’t know what does!  Now I have two angel necks to send hugs to and if I ever meet them in person I will give them a hug for real!  I never had anyone care so much about me in my other life and it’s a fantastic feeling.  Thank you a zillion times over, Wendy and George Chadwell from me, Jasper Dog.
After being let out of the shelter, I was one happy boy because I was told that I was headed for a new life with a family that would love me!  I am just 3 years old and have lots of energy and my biggest talent is shredding a stuffed toy!!!  Those things don’t have a chance!  I like to walk while holding my leash in my mouth but that doesn’t seem to be the best plan because whoever walks with me seems to want to be the one holding the leash.  Oh well, sometimes you just have to humor these people!  I don’t know that I should brag about it but I am pretty much an ace at escaping fences.  Dogs do that when they are lonely and want company and I guess that’s why I do it.  I want to find someone to talk to!  I still need a fence but maybe you could come outside and play ball with me?  Everything was going well until my new doctor told me I have heartworms!!!  What awful news!  Now I need an angel sponsor to send me the $750 I need to pay for the medicine.  It is so discouraging!  Please remember to give your dogs the preventive medicine they need so these bad worms don’t get in their hearts.  That’s very dangerous!  Thank you for caring about me and all the goldens!  Love you all, Jasper

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