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Imagine this!  I ended up in a shelter!  Me – the dog who loves the outdoors and loves to play games and feel the wind in my ears.  Yes, I am mostly Great Pyr – a noble breed from a distinguished ancestry.  Best guess at my age is 4 years old.  I love all other dogs.  I am 99% house trained and 100% ready to find a family and settle in.  I love kids, but I might be too strong for really little ones.  Someone said I am a counter surfer.  Uh oh, I’ve been caught.  My excuse is that my new doctor said I needed to gain a few pounds so I think that’s a good reason to check out the groceries, don’t you?  Why not come and meet me?  I love all people and am anxious to meet a fun, active family.  It would be extra great to find a yard with a fence around it.  Then I wouldn’t be tempted to wander off.  Great Pyrs sometimes feel the call of the open road!  Lots of big, fluffy hugs from Jimbo

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