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Kermit wrote his own little classified ad as follows: “HELLO! My new name is Kermit because I can’t tell anyone the name I used to have. That’s ok because I am ready to begin a new life. You won’t believe what happened to me. Last week I was in a car and was taken to a parking lot and pushed out of the car. Yep, they opened the door and pushed me out. Then they drove away. Thank goodness it was right across the street from a vet clinic. Some people saw what happened and came running to get me. I was lucky that I didn’t get hurt… but I am a pretty healthy dude. They think I am about 8 but I act much younger. They call me a velcro dog cause I stick close to people — maybe that’s why I was pushed out of a car? I am housetrained and know all of my commands. I live to please you. I have very big paws and promise to be your best friend. I don’t know why those people didn’t love me but I promise to be good for you.” Well, a wonderful family fell for Kermit. They came to Petsmart to buy some stuff and we were there having our adoption day. Mom met Kermit and fell in love. But, she knew she had to run home and get Wendy, her golden girl. It would have to be up to her. Kermit and Wendy loved each other! Now, all that was left were the 2 kids and Dad. Easy – they were all pushovers. Kermit is having a blast. He has a stay at home mom and 2 kids to raise and a Dad who is pretty cool. And, then there’s Wendy…. Kermit’s in love.