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BREAKING NEWS: In my life not much good has happened to me but now two amazing things have changed everything.  First I got to be an AGA orphan and second, a real for sure angel sent money for my HW medicine.  Her name is Agnieszka Wesolowski and she is so kind and generous that I can’t believe it!!!!  Besides $750 she sent $250 for me to share with another dog who needs help.  Read what Sinatra has to say!
I am a mostly golden retriever boy who is 4 years old.  I ended up in an animal shelter.  So many dogs there needing homes.  I was one of the lucky ones when AGA came and got me and made me one of their orphans.  I am only 46 pounds so just the right size for a lap or a sit next to you on the sofa.  The shelter folks said I was a very good, sweet boy.  I tried to be friendly, but I was pretty scared with all the sounds and smells.  When I got to the AGA doctor I found out I have heartworms.  I thought, “Oh, no – not that!”  It’s a terrible thing to have and now I need $750 to pay for the medicine I need.  The other orphans said I have to ask for an angel to send it and so I’m asking – please, please, can you help me?  My most perfect dream to come true would be a healthy, happy life with a new family.  Now I am crossing my paws it will happen!  Thank you lots and lots from Killian

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