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Maybe you’ve heard it said, “Last one in, first one out?”  Well, that’s me.  I lived with a family for about 3 years and now I am looking for a new family.  It all started a year ago when my tail got caught in the other family dog’s collar and it upset us both.  We used to get along really well but after that we weren’t friends any more.  My mom and dad said another baby is coming to live with them and they are afraid I and the other dog might get in a fight and hurt it even though I did “great” with the other child in my home (a toddler).  So here I am, back with AGA.  I am four years old and have perfect house manners.  I don’t like loud noises or being surprised by unexpected things happening.  I like to keep my toys and food to myself.  Moving to a new home is confusing and hard for me, so I’m looking for a quiet place with no other dogs and either no children or maybe older ones.  My foster says I am “super sweet” and love to be with my people.  Please help me find my new family.  Your sad friend, Kirby

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