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Korman, a 6 year old male golden was found along side a road in Northeast Georgia. He was limping on this front leg. He had some grease on his hair so we suspect he may have had a run-in with a vehicle of some sort. He was such a big, gentle teddy bear. It was sad that we discovered he had heartworm but we knew he could be cured. Everyone who met this guy fell in love with him. A young couple was looking for their first dog and offered to foster him while he was recovering from his heartworm treatment. Well, we knew once he came to live with them it would only be a matter of time until he was their dog. The first sign was when they asked to change his name to FENWAY. Well Fenway wrapped them around his paw — they were goners. Today Fenway is the King of the house. His favorite pasttime is still riding in the car but we think his Mom and Dad are training him to watch the Boston Red Sox on TV. Good boy Fenway – you hit a homer with your new home!