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I, too, am five years old and almost 75 pounds.  Like my friend Sammie, I am also an English Cream golden, We are all retiring from puppy making and looking forward to being family dogs. It’s all kind of scary but, at the same time, it’s exciting. Who would have thought that at 5 years old I would have to go to school but I (and all of us) have a whole new world to learn. Thank goodness AGA has started helping us and before long we will have families to help us also. Breeder dogs have to learn about living inside  and all kinds of lessons about not being scared, not having accidents in the house, not running out the door when you shouldn’t. And that’s only a FEW!! One thing we all know is how to be sweet and loving and how good it feels to be with people who love us.  Your happy, new friend, Lady

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